God Came

This month we have been thinking about what life would be like if Jesus hadn’t come to save us.  We came up with many reasons.  Some are more humorous.  For example, there would be no presents, no Christmas goodies, and no Christmas break.  (The horror!)  Other reasons are far more serious.  We would have no hope, no salvation, and no purpose.  Without God we would live in a very dismal world.  But—here is the good news.  GOD CAME!  He knew what would happen without His divine intervention and He wasn’t willing to let that become reality.  GOD CAME!  Despite the cost, the pain, the heartache, the loss, God came anyway.  He came in a way that would show us that He does care and does understand our pain.  My challenge for this Christmas season is to think about the fact that GOD CAME!  Take the time to thank God for coming, living, and dying for us so that we can be reunited with Him.  GOD CAME!

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