A Tale of Seven Lojas

Several months ago, we wrote that we were looking at storefronts with hopes of renting one to use as a place to meet new contacts and be an asset in the community.  We hoped to offer English classes, music lessons, and possibly a youth group of some kind.  As time went on, we evaluated a dozen potential locations using 20+ criteria.  Upon evaluation, we had seven front-runners.  However, at this time, we’re unable to rent any of them!  Here’s the rundown.

  • 1st choice – a Pentecostal church moved in across the street.  Culturally, it is very unwise in Portugal to have two churches or ministry centers in close proximity.
  • 2nd choice – the owner subdivided the space and is unwilling to negotiate
  • 3rd choice – the owner wants to sell and isn’t responding to our offer to rent
  • 4th choice – the owner set an exorbitant price
  • 5th choice – another tenant just rented it
  • 6th choice – the storefront became a cafe
  • 7th choice – the owner took the storefront off the market

This is incredible!  With the economy as bad as it is, there is no human reason why we can’t rent a storefront in a good location at a reasonable price.  It is possible that we’re experiencing spiritual opposition OR it’s possible that we’re experiencing a Divine pause.  Our inability to rent is giving us time and freedom to look for more ways to make more contacts in everyday life.

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  1. Wow, from a human standpoint that would be VERY frustrating. Glad you’re choosing to see it from God’s viewpoint – of course He always has a reason! Praying encouragement for each of you during this time of ‘waiting’ on Him to work more visibly in your ministry. Love you all!!

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