My Amazing God

It has been an amazing year here in Portugal.  During the course of the year I have seen God do some amazing stuff.  Just to show you I will list several examples:  He helped us transition; He gave us the strength to get through school and language school; He gave me an opportunity to minister in Germany; He has helped me make friends, American, Portuguese, German, Nepalese, Korean, Brazilian, and Brazilian; He has provided us our visas (That is a major relief and answer to prayer), He has allowed both sets of my grandparents to come visit us here; He has given us ways to communicate with the Portuguese people in our lives; and He has saved several Portuguese friends of mine.  All this goes to show just how AMAZING and POWERFUL our God is.  We never could have done this on our own.  I could never have done this on my own.  It is humbling to think that God would use me to help change the world.  At times I think that I am a failure and I can’t do anything; however, I was reading a book that made a statement something like this.  “God uses us in spite of our failures and shortcomings.”  If you are feeling like I did, then I hope that this statement was an encouragement for you too.  As a challenge, I encourage you to thank God for all the amazing things He has done in your life this year and remember that God can still use you even in your failures.

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  1. That’s wonderful – sorry I got so behind on your posts again. 🙂 Praying for you, and glad to hear about all the ways God is blessing you!! God definitely does use us in spite of ourselves!! 🙂

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