Here’s What’s Happening

This is just an update about how we are doing here in Portugal.  Jon and Becca have started school again and they love having a bigger class because they get to have more fun that way.  Alex has arrived and the two of us have begun language school.  So far, we have only had three classes and we are still in the basics.  In spite of the fact that we still don’t know much, we are able to go shopping in Cartaxo and communicate well enough that the people understand us.  We also celebrate when we have successfully done something or we understand what someone said.  (Sometimes this is hard because of the different accents, the rapid speaking, and the smashing of words.)  Mom has been spending some time with our landlord’s wife.  The two of them are practicing speaking Portuguese and a little bit of English.  Dad is continuing to work with Matilde (our language teacher/tutor) and is plugging away at learning Portuguese.   The grandparents went home today.  We had an awesome two weeks with them.  They got to really see how life is here in Portugal.  The most recent thing is that ALL FIVE OF US HAVE OUR VISAS!!!!!!  This is such a huge relief and a blessing.  It is also an answer to a prayer that we have been praying for a long time.  Thank you to all who have been praying with us!  😀  Our Portugal team (my family, the Rusts, and familia El) is working on planning a community outreach center that will allow us to make Portuguese contacts.  Please pray that we will have wisdom to know where to have the building, what to offer, when to launch, and how to do things.  Thanks!