Month: October 2012

My Amazing God

It has been an amazing year here in Portugal.  During the course of the year I have seen God do some amazing stuff.  Just to show you I will list several [...]


We recently watched a sermon about the acceptable sins of Christians.  The topic of that sermon was complaining.  The pastor made several important [...]

Quick note from Becca

Oh, so sorry I didn't get this done sooner. I don't feel sick and tired out. homework is well homework... I still like lunch the best. Life goes on and so does [...]

The Incredible Feeling of Relief

Our journey in obtaining our Residency cards has been a long and difficult one.  It has taken one year and much time and effort.  I kinda feel like Sam and [...]

Here’s What’s Happening

This is just an update about how we are doing here in Portugal.  Jon and Becca have started school again and they love having a bigger class because they get [...]

I’m Not Persecuted. Am I a Real Missionary?

When we were preparing to come to Portugal, I wrestled with many questions and personal struggles.  Many of these struggles revolved around the issue of [...]