Where’s the Roof?

Last Sunday, when we arrived at the bookstore in Samora Correia for church, we noticed a blue sign in front of the building.  Mara said, “What’s going on here?  Why is that sign there?”  Miguel replied from the backseat, “What’s going on here?  Where is the roof?”

Immediately, my mind considered the potential causes of a roof collapse.  Of course I did this from my Western New York mindset.  My first thought was a tornado.  My second was a roof collapse due to snow load.  However, neither of these exist in Lisbon, Portugal.  So the question remained, “What happened to the roof?”

It turns out that the owner decided to put a new roof on the building.  Sunday was quite messy since we held church in a construction zone, but it will be nice to have a new roof.  And it’s great to have the mystery solved!


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