Help for Those Who Don’t Pray Enough

Nearly every Christian with whom I’ve spoken feels that he doesn’t pray enough.  We all know we should pray more.  It’s what good Christians do.  Yet we seem to lack time and/or motivation to pray as much and as intensely as we know we should.  And added to our sense that we should pray more, is a deep feeling of guilt.

My objective is not to add to our load of guilt.  I have no intention of saying, “You should pray more!”  Jesus died to remove our guilt and he has no intention of motivating us to live rightly by using guilt.  Rather, I’m confident that if we believe what Jesus said in John 15, our belief will combat two huge obstacles to prayer and as a natural result, we will find ourselves praying more.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll share Jesus’ life-giving insights on this topic but I invite you to first read John 15:4-8, 16 and check it out for yourself.

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