What Did I Say?! (Take 2)

While we are making strides in understanding and speaking Portuguese, we still have a long ways to go. For example, I need to memorize another thousand words just to be able to read the newspaper which is written at the fourth grade level. Making mistakes when I speak is still pretty much an every conversation occurrence, but there are times when I really oops. I had one of those the other day. I was at the grocery store and an item rang up at a higher price than I expected. It took me two attempts to say enough correct words that the cashier understood my dilemma. She patiently explained that the items were on sale, but instead of getting the lower price now, I would pay the normal price and the discount amount would be put on my store card to use toward a future purchase. I thanked her for explaining it to me and then thought I said, “I’m sorry, I did not remember.” I quickly realized that that was not what I actually said.  The cashier tried to hide her grin, but the man behind me in line just stood there chuckling away. I didn’t discover what I had said that was so funny until I asked my tutor. Instead of saying “I’m sorry, I did not remember,” I actually said, “I’m sorry, forget about me” which is the phrase you use here when you’re breaking up with the person you’ve been dating!

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  1. I love it!!!!! Years down the road, you will look back and laugh!!! Just a part of learning in another culture!!!!! PTL for these experiences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there!!! ~K~

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