Service with a Smile (and maybe a few words)

Going out and participating in the festivals and in the daily life here have given me some opportunities to serve.  I can give you three examples that have happened in the last week.  We were at the feira and I saw a little girl trying to get herself and her bike down some steps that are about 2.5 feet high.  I didn’t know how to ask if she needed help, but I went over and held her bike while she climbed over the railing.  I proceeded to carry the bike down the remaining steps and hold it until she had come down.  She said thank you and I replied you’re welcome (in Portuguese).  Without saying much of anything I was able to help.  Another example, was today when I went to the cafe.  We have a habit of taking up our dishes when we are done.  (The Portuguese just leave the dishes on the table for the workers to clean up.) Because there was a steady stream of people coming in, I decided to take up all the dishes that were left on the tables.  Nothing said, just another opportunity to serve.  Finally, I was with my mom and we were grocery shopping.  We had entered the checkout lane and an old lady came up behind us with several large containers of water.  Again with no words I went over and picked up the water and put it on the conveyor belt.  I realize that it may seem that I am tooting my own horn, but please believe that is not my intention.  All I am trying to show is how God gives us opportunities to serve and if we look for them, we will find them.  My challenge to you is to start looking for ways to serve not just in church, but at work, home, and in the community.  Kudos to all who are already doing this.  🙂

  1. Alyssa, Thank you for your servant’s heart!!!! This is very encouraging to me to go the extra mile. ~K~

  2. That is awesome!!! I’m so glad you are finding ways to serve, and I trust that God will help the words to come in time as well, but ‘BEing’ Christ with our actions is so important, too!!

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