Month: July 2012

In Control

So often we try to be in control.  Usually of everything.  In my devotional book it has been saying that we should trust God to take care of the details and [...]

Cows Grow On Trees

  Money may not grow on trees.  But as you can see, cows do indeed grow on trees.  I snapped this picture at a local mall.  As we were leaving, [...]

Teens and their Accordions

Only in Portugal will you see a group of teens walking down the road playing accordions.  When we saw this I just had to get out my phone and grab a bit of [...]

What Did I Say?! (Take 2)

While we are making strides in understanding and speaking Portuguese, we still have a long ways to go. For example, I need to memorize another thousand words [...]

Service with a Smile (and maybe a few words)

Going out and participating in the festivals and in the daily life here have given me some opportunities to serve.  I can give you three examples that have [...]

We Came, We Saw, We Ate Cotton Candy

As part of our language and cultural study, we visited our city's annual festival.  There were bulls, fadistas, churros, feiras, and more.  Here is a taste [...]

Feiras, Festivals, and Funny Faces

This past week has been full of interesting things.  There were four days that celebrated Cartaxo.  During this time there was a feira set up with everything [...]