The Choice to Break Out

One of the hardest things for me is reaching out to people that I don’t know.  Coming from a small town, going to a comfortable church, and small Christian school made it even harder, because I felt comfortable where I was.  The first time that I really had to work on this was when my family started prefield.  I had to leave my comfort zone and interact with people, answer their questions, and be friendly.  That was extremely difficult, but I managed to do it.  By the end of prefield, I was very good at reaching out.  Then the change began.  When we moved to Portugal, I became the newbie and I didn’t know what to do.  Because everything was so strange, I retreated into myself and went back to living life in my comfortable little bubble.  It was this way until the choir trip to Germany.  Our administrator told us we had to go “mingle” with the people we were performing for.  At first, it was difficult, and this time, unlike in the States, there was also a language barrier.  As the trip progressed, I came out of my shell and I started to enjoy meeting new people and making friends.  By the end of the trip I had bonded not only with my classmates, but with several Germans.  I started to slack off and retreat after the trip was over.  However, this was not God’s plan.  He brought another international school to GLCA for our talent show.  I forced myself to go over and talk and I enjoyed speaking with several of the kids and now I have more friends.  Getting to know people is hard because it forces you to be open and invest yourself.  Trust me, it is so worth it.  In the graduation address to the seniors, the speaker told us to invest our lives in people because you never know what will come from that.  So, my challenge to you is this:  go out and invest you life in someone, today.

  1. So true!!!!! Keep on keeping on and thank-you for encouraging me to do the same!!!!!!! ~K~

  2. Mmmm, I really needed this reminder today – thanks for reminding me what’s important! Not sure how I got so behind on your family’s blog, but I’m sure you’ll be getting several comments from me as I catch up… 🙂

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