Don’t Say “Goodbye”

Friends, what would we do without them? We would be very lonely, I’m sure. Sometimes it seems like making friends isn’t worth the time and effort because they can leave so quickly. Is it really worth all the trouble? Yes. It is definitely worth every minute of effort. I have made many friends over the not so many years of my life and I can say that it was worth it. Yes, sometimes friends leave and sometimes it seems like they outgrow us or we outgrow them. But it was worth it. It was worth it because of the smiles, memories, laughter, and tears that were shared. It seems like I am at the part where I say good bye to another set of my friends. This isn’t the case, because even though we are separated now, we might be reunited in the future. This is certainly the case if the friend is a Christian. 🙂 A friend challenged me to continue making new friends even when it seems like all I do is say good bye. She said that even though I am saying good bye now, doesn’t mean it is good bye for forever. This makes me think of the disciples and Jesus. The disciples had to say good bye, but not forever. Jesus is coming back and they will be reunited. My Aunt Megan has the right idea when it comes to saying good bye. Instead of saying “Bye”, she says “Until next time”. I think this is how we need to live our lives. We need to keep making friends and when they leave, just say “Until next time.”

  1. You’re so right, Alyssa! Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you! Praying for you as you move on to a new chapter in your life, and new friends for sure! 🙂 God puts people in our lives at every age and stage to teach us things and help us through things, so we can always be thankful for that, too. 🙂 I like the ‘until next time’ or ‘see you later’ philosophy! 🙂

  2. That is right Alyssa. Most friends that I have, that I have had the priviledge to be reunited with, we strike up our friendship right where we left off!!! Isn’t that wonderful!!!!! Only GOD can orchestrate that!!! Someday, we will be spending all of eternity with our friends and loved ones who know the LORD!!! How great is that!!! Keep growing and learning!!!! ~K~

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