“Try” Or “Umph”

I have been pondering on the word ‘triumph.’ Normally, when someone does something for the first time, success is limited, and often, they just don’t do well at all. Usually, a person has to try something many times in order to triumph over the difficulties which come with learning something new. In other words, when things don’t work out well and they want to say “umph” because it is hard work, instead of giving up, they need to “try” again. I just had the opportunity to learn how to ride a scooter over Spring Break. Anything requiring coordination is challenging for me, so I had to work hard and keep trying to get better for two days before I could ride it well. For me, that was a “triumph” activity. I hope that encourages you to triumph in an area you are struggling with.

  1. Thanks Jon!!! You are such an inspiration to me!!!! I will keep trying on some of those things that need an extra “umph” when I feel like giving up. Keep on keepin’ on Jon!!!! ~K~

  2. That’s a wonderful reminder, Jon – definitely need a little more umph in my trying! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂 Praying for you!

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