We Really Need Rain

I was thinking recently about the fact that Portugal has not had a very rainy rainy season this year and how people are saying that we are experiencing a drought.  This made me realize that not only are we in a physical drought, but we are also in a spiritual drought.  I have been praying much these past few weeks about what I am supposed to do with my life.  As I reflect, I realize that I am praying for me–not for those who are in need most.  I need to pray for rain.  Not just physically, but spiritually.  As said in Facing the Giants, we need to prepare our fields for rain.  I am preparing my fields by praying for those who come to my mind, praying for wisdom in my life, and praying for physical rain.  I challenge you to prepare your fields for rain.  I do not know what that means for you, all I know is that God rewards those who seek Him.  My thoughts turn to a prayer:  “Lord, send the rain!”

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  1. Alyssa, I’m praying for you as you seek GOD’s will. Keep up the good work of being faithful and obedient. ~K~

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