Taking Advantage of a Baby

One thing that we do here to begin relationships is try to find creative ways to get involved in people’s lives. Recently, our partner, Isabel, discovered one of those ways. One of her neighbors will be having a baby soon as an unwed mother with a questionable boyfriend/father. She still lives with her parents and finances are tight. Isabel offered to have a tea party in honor of the baby. Baby showers are not done here, so this turned out to be a novelty that her friends wanted to attend. Ladies from the Samora church also agreed to attend to show the love of Christ to this young mother and her family. 14 invitations were sent out by the expecting mother. We’re praying that God will use this tea as a way to begin relationships with a couple of these young ladies, and that it will give Isabel the opportunity to share about her faith with this family.  Since clothes with English words are rare but desired, I’m hoping to bring a few baby outfits from the States to give away at future showers.

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