This part of my life has been stressful recently because I have been given a choice.  I can go to Cedarville in the fall or I can stay in Portugal and possibly have a ministry of teaching English to Portuguese people.  I have noticed that I pay attention to God a whole lot more when I have a problem.  As I seek wisdom and the right choice I end up praying more and spending more time in God’s Word.  This shows me an important principle:  God brings us closer and strengthens our relationship with Him by putting us through trials and “problems”.  In this way I am comforted because the GOD I believe in is capable of giving wisdom and He wants to spend time with me.  God only gives us what we can handle even if it stretches us.  God is faithful and in that I stand my ground in Portugal.  If I did not believe that I would not be here.  I challenge you to stick with God even when it gets tough.

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  1. Although I am behind on my blog-reading and commenting, your mom shared this opportunity with us at church last week, and I am so excited for you! I’m praying for you as you seek wisdom to make your decision, and I know He will lead you and make His will very clear – He won’t let you miss it when you’re seeking Him!!

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