Letting Go

I have now been in Portugal for 4 months and I want to thank all of our prayer supporters for constantly lifting us up in prayer.  I also want to thank our financial partners for their help in getting us to the field and for helping to keep us on the field.  I used to think hard about my future, college, and what I was going to do with my life; but now, I’m not worrying about it because I can’t control my life.  As I was listening to Barlow Girl today one of the songs has lyrics that say “I’m about to let go and live what I believe, I can’t do a thing now but trust that you’ll catch me, when I let go”.  This reminded me of what I read in Isaiah for my devotions.  In Isaiah 42, it talks about God’s servant and what God does for that person.  It says God will uphold them, and that they are chosen and he delights in them.  For me, the uphold part and the catch part seem to be similar and that is comforting.  I know that God has chosen me do do His work in Portugal and that He will take care of me.  Even this thought of being chosen goes back to Christmas.  We have been watching church online and the series we were watching was called Advent Conspiracy.  Through the series we had, as a family, several good conversations and the fact that we are chosen came up.  We are chosen: to be part of a family, to do God’s work, to have a relationship with God, to be saved, to live eternally with our heavenly father.  God has blessed me in so many ways, and the most amazing part is that I don’t deserve any of it.  How awesome is that? TOTALLY ALL CAPS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and so much more than that.  🙂  God has chosen me and He will guide me, even if I epic fail.  So, here’s to letting go and letting God control it all.


Prayer Requests:

Pray for wisdom regarding life decisions and for adjusting to a new culture and for the upcoming choir trip to Germany and for dealing with homesickness


  1. Thanks Alyssa!!! The neat thing is that GOD never asks us to do something that HE doesn’t equip us to do!! I’ll never get over that!! HE gives us a job to do, gives us the tools and goes with us to do the work. How awesome is that!!! Praying, ~K~

  2. What a wonderful reminder that we are chosen to serve Him in a specific way! Although we might not know what that way will be! I never thought about Christian camping, but that’s where God has led our family, and I can see how God was preparing me for my role here & in my family all throughout my life, even before I knew where I would be heading. 😉 Praying for you & glad to hear how God is working in your life!

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