I Needed a Break

Hi it’s me Jonathan Cook. Christmas break is flying and we only have two more days until school. We have mostly been at home and some of our missionary friends wondered why. That is because most of my  family requires alone time when they have to be with people for a while. Plus we don’t know a lot of Portuguese and it’s a real pain to remember what to say and how to say it. But we are doing fine so far and its been a blessing that God is helping us. And I hope God is blessing you too!

  1. Great job Jon!!!! Our family is the same way. I can imagine that you need down time even more, being in a foreign country with people speaking in a foreign tongue everywhere you go. I hope that you enjoyed your break and will be refreshed when you return to school. Praying for you, The Schlernitzauers

  2. I’m sure it would be exhausting to always have to think so hard about how to interact with other people – the culture & the language! I’m glad you had a nice break! 🙂

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