It Looks Like We’re Headed for a Default

The early chapters of Exodus record the story of God fulfilling his promise to bring Israel out of Egypt and make himself known both to Egypt and Israel.  However, initially things proceeded from bad to worse!  And even after the first several plagues, permission to leave looked doubtful at best.  I’m sure that to those Israelite slaves, it appeared that God was going to default on his promise to bring them out.

Luke 24 records the conversation between Jesus and two confused and greatly disappointed disciples.  They really hoped he would be the one to restore Israel and now he was dead.  It appeared to them that God was going to default on his promise to send the Messiah.

Of course, we know that God fulfilled his promise to deliver Israel from bondage and those confused disciples experienced God’s fulfillment as well.  The take-away for me is this: remember to doubt my interpretations rather than God’s promises.  It very well may look like God is going to default on a promise.  At times, it sure feels like God is going to default.  But he never will.  In fact, often it is during those exact moments that the promise is being fulfilled.  It is never too early to doubt my doubts and always too early to give up on God’s promises.

  1. Wonderful reminder. Doubt our feelings and not our God. As I have been praying for you & messaging some with Mara on Facebook this last week, God has been bringing a phrase to my mind, along the lines of, “God has not brought you this far just to leave you now.” I know you have had some difficult struggles lately, especially with your headaches, and I’m sure the language barrier, homesickness, and all the adjustments can be very discouraging. But we are praying for you and know that God has a plan. It’s good to hear the ways that He is reminding you of that fact as well!

  2. Andy, Thanks for the reminder. I have been praying for you concerning these headaches and the sale of your house. GOD has not brought you this far to leave you. HE is faithful. Doubt your doubts and trust Your GOD. HE is greater than anything you will ever face. At the end of the day, HE is there for you when all else fails. ~K~

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