Month: January 2012

It Looks Like We’re Headed for a Default

The early chapters of Exodus record the story of God fulfilling his promise to bring Israel out of Egypt and make himself known both to Egypt and Israel.  [...]

This Week in Church-planting

Last Sunday our church-planting team met to pray and begin strategic-planning for the church plant in Cartaxo.  First, we studied the Scripture to review the [...]

Four Months in and Counting…

It’s been awhile hasn’t it since I’ve last written? Any way school is going fine. My best class is math, I think, and my worst is probably typing.  I [...]

Letting Go

I have now been in Portugal for 4 months and I want to thank all of our prayer supporters for constantly lifting us up in prayer.  I also want to thank our [...]

Truth or Fairy-tale?

Have you ever noticed that when you release your life to God, that from your point of view, it feels as if He messes it up more often than He makes it better? [...]

I Needed a Break

Hi it’s me Jonathan Cook. Christmas break is flying and we only have two more days until school. We have mostly been at home and some of our missionary [...]