What Did I Say?!

I am getting better and better at asking for items in Portuguese, but I’m discovering that the more you know, the more mistakes you are likely to make. Every other week I order roasted chicken from the grocery store deli. It tastes like fireman’s BBQ chicken. When I first began ordering it, all I managed to get out was “Good afternoon. 2 roasted chickens please” which didn’t work the best because people usually ask the empregada (deli clerk) to put on either lemon juice or picante sauce. So I would get asked, in Portuguese, if I wanted sauce; and since I had no idea what I was being asked, I would just repeat what I had already said. As I’ve been learning more vocabulary, I’ve started to add “without sauce” to my order. This last week, I went in and said, “Boa tarde. Queria dois frango assado sem olho, por favor.” The empregada replied, “Sem molho? Sem molho?” So I answered, “Sim, sem molho, obrigada.” The next day I asked my hour alone tutor why the clerk had said the words the way she had, believing that she might have pronounced the words differently because she spoke a different dialect. My tutor almost fell out of her chair laughing. I had mis-remembered a word. Instead of asking the clerk for two roasted chickens without sauce, I had asked her for two roasted chickens without eyes! Oh, the difference the letter ‘m’ makes!

  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The empregada must have gone home and said to her family, “Guess what the Americano asked for today!!!!!!” GOD has a sense of humor. Just think what it must have been like at the Tower of Babel. No wonder people scattered!!! Hang in there with the language study!!! I love your comments and we are learning Portuguese with you!! ~K~

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