Free Heat

Praise the Lord for unseasonably warm weather here in Portugal!  Lately, we’ve enjoyed a high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and a low of 40 at night.  As a result, the temperature in our apartment hasn’t dropped below 50.

Eventually, the weather will turn colder and we hope to have heaters in two rooms by then.  But in the mean time, we thank God for the warmer weather which provides us with free heat. (We also thank God for our friend who loaned us two space heaters).


Explanation for those wondering why he have no heat…

Our landlord attempted to make arrangements to have two units installed November 1.  However, only one of the four companies he contacted returned his call.  The estimate from this company was too high.  After several more calls, he received an estimate that was 100 euros less from another company.  However, this company never came to install the units.  Finally, a friend put us in touch with one of his personal contacts.  This company agreed to do the work for less than half of the first bid.  They arrived last Saturday to install the units but found a problem with the wiring in the building.  They plan to return on Thursday to create a work-around and install the units.  In the mean time, we are praising God for money saved and more opportunities to interact with our landlord!

  1. PTL here for warmer weather too!! With Bill still unemployed, we are conserving in every way we can. Pray for him as he has a second interview with Rite-Aid today. Thanks!! I’ve been praying about your heaters being installed, hopefully soon! ~K~

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