Pastor Appreciation Month in Portugal

Many of you are wrapping up Pastor Appreciation Month. While it is a new tradition, most people seem to agree that it is a good one. In the busyness of life, it is really easy to fail to say, “Thanks” or “You’re doing a great job” to a man who serves you each week. We considered asking our little church here in Portugal to do something for our Pastor; what we discovered is yet another cultural difference. Portuguese people are a jealous people, in a way. They do not like for other people to be recognized for achievement or hard work, or much of anything really. That is why Christmas bonuses are automatically given and planned on here – everyone gets an extra month’s pay – however; since the pay is expected, it is not really earned like bonuses in the States are. So, if we tried to honor our Pastor, it would be viewed negatively here: they’d think, “Why does he deserve to be honored?” Well, of course, Biblically, we know there is a great answer to that; but before you judge the Portuguese for imposing their cultural beliefs on the Bible, be careful, because we tend to do the same thing. For example, we have decided that  we don’t need to publicly confess our sins to one anther due to cultural preference haven’t we? So, I wondered, if some of you, would consider putting together a love gift for the National Pastors here in Portugal. They have a collective library that is used by them and the seminary students which would be really enhanced by adding the complete Libronix library in Portuguese to a computer or two. This would aid them tremendously in the areas of sermon preparation, personal spiritual growth, and theology studying. If you decide to give a love gift, please send it to ABWE identified as a love gift for the ABEIM library in Portugal and please let us know via e-mail so we can help make sure it is appropriately routed.

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