On the Lighter Side (1)

While we do learn grammar and phonics rules during our one-on-one time, we mostly just listen and repeat or simply read until we say something incorrectly. I can’t even begin to tell you how many words I’ve made up trying to say an actual word. Sometimes, we find a word that really reminds us of something else and makes us laugh. For example, one of the names we practice is Isaura Mesquita which between going slowly, stopping to correct a vowel sound, and a mistake came out the first time sounding like “Is Laura a mosquito?” Needless to say, our tutor often gets a few laughs from the way we butcher words. One day; however, we got a laugh. We were discussing Portugal’s regions and major industries and buildings. Our tutor told us that there are many cathedrals, then went on to point out another building and tell us that there were many of those as well. When she said the name of the building, Andy & I gave each other a puzzled glance, so our tutor, realizing we hadn’t understood said, “You know, the place where monks live.” “Oh,” Andy replied, “you mean a¬†monastery.” Our tutor then asked, “What did I call it?” Andy said, “A monster-ary.” “Well,” she replied, “Monsters would need a really big building to live in!”

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