Another Oops

One of our assignments this past week was to prepare to read John 14:1-6 aloud for our chapel group on Friday.  Friday came and the six of us in our group were very nervous.  According to my instructor, I was doing fine until I mispronounced a word.  I had Jesus talking about part of a septic system instead of Heaven.  Oops.

Later, our instructor said that we should inform our pastors that we were learning to read and offer to read our passage aloud in church on Sunday.  Like a dutiful little student, I told Pastor Miguel that I would read if he wanted me to do so.  He said, “Definitely.”  I was very nervous, but I guess I did OK.  I only had one word they couldn’t at least figure out.

Two side notes

(1) I’m having to re-learn how to make the sound of the letter “d.”  This has proven to be quite confusing and challenging for me.  Mara is having to re-learn some vowel sounds for the third time.  She would appreciate your prayers.

(2) Our instructor says that it encourages the Portuguese Christians when we attempt to read because they can see our effort (and hopefully some progress).  I’m sure that is true, but the cynical side of me wonders if we are also providing some comic relief:)




  1. You made mom and me laugh, which I needed after an hour on the phone with AppleCare trying to get our new computer up and running.

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