For Better or For Worse

Here’s a quick update on some of the items I mentioned in our last note to Prayer Partners.

  • Washing machine – after three trips to the store, we got a refund and purchased a new machine.  The new machine was more money but is a better fit for our family.  In the process of waiting for a refund, the new machine went on sale.  God blessed us with a good deal – a machine that we would not have been able to afford without the time delay and sale.
  • Via Verde (EZPass) – after a phone call and two visits, this issue is solved!
  • Bank account – We were locked out of our bank account for several days.  This issue is solved.  We have another minor issue, but it will be handled soon.
  • Van purchase – We now have the final title.  There were numerous issues here that required four trips and a dozen phone calls.  Only one issue remains and we hope to have resolution soon.

A new one…

  • One of our brand new appliances isn’t working right.  We’ll see what happens here.

And now for a problem that I created…

  • I bought a bookcase that doubles as a cabinet on sale at IKEA.  I picked up two boxes (one containing bookcase parts and the other containing the doors).  I brought home both boxes and began putting everything together.  To my chagrin, I realized that the box with the doors contained only one door, not two.  I was supposed to pick up three boxes, not two, but the usual sign to tell me that was not there at the store.  In addition, since I didn’t purchase the “complete unit,” I didn’t get the sale price.  I had to ask my friend Miguel to go with me to IKEA to explain that I wanted the other door and a refund on the difference between what I paid and the sale price of the complete unit.   It was an adventure but we met some nice people and the story had a happy ending.

Perhaps you can see why I’m in no rush to buy more things for the apartment.  Really and truly, we are enjoying life here and these moments serve to humble us and motivate us to learn the language SOON.

Thanks for your prayers and love.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We continue to pray for you here at the camp and as a family. Here’s a question: Do they have diet pepsi in Portugal? What would happen if you walked down the street carrying a giant mug?

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