Month: October 2011

Pastor Appreciation Month in Portugal

Many of you are wrapping up Pastor Appreciation Month. While it is a new tradition, most people seem to agree that it is a good one. In the busyness of life, [...]

A Cultural Sidenote (4)

We have had a number of things to learn in the area of customer service. Rule one:  upon entering the premises of somewhere you haven't gone [...]

Our First Sight-seeing Trip

Yesterday we took a break from our studies, got brave, and ventured North to the town of Tomar.  Here we visited Convento de Cristo.  This amazing place once [...]

Another Oops

One of our assignments this past week was to prepare to read John 14:1-6 aloud for our chapel group on Friday.  Friday came and the six of us in our group [...]

For Better or For Worse

Here’s a quick update on some of the items I mentioned in our last note to Prayer Partners. Washing machine – after three trips to the store, we got a [...]

A Cultural Sidenote (3)

We've been learning how to pronounce a number of names on a double-sided piece of paper. About a week after we had begun learning the names, I mentioned to [...]

A Cultural Sidenote (2)

During language school we learn not only learn the language, but how to navigate in the culture as well. One of the issues we discussed this week was how to be [...]

On the Lighter Side (1)

While we do learn grammar and phonics rules during our one-on-one time, we mostly just listen and repeat or simply read until we say something incorrectly. I [...]

A Cultural Sidenote (1)

We are slowly getting used to church here in Portugal. First of all, a good week's attendance is 8 Portuguese attendees plus the 10 missionaries. Secondly, the [...]

From my devotions…

When two years had passed, Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus, but because Felix wanted to grant a favor to the Jews, he left Paul in prison. Acts [...]