Shopping Day

Yesterday was our day to purchase basic items for our apartment.  We took two vans and headed to IKEA.  A few hours later we headed North with both vans packed to the ceiling.  God enabled us to purchase: bunkbeds, dining room table & chairs, our bed, a sofa, two twin mattresses, pots & pans, a drying rack, and a host of small household items.  Today’s goal is to move from our hosts’ apartment to Cartaxo and begin putting all the stuff we bought at IKEA together.  I hope the directions come in English.


  1. Furniture instructions barely come in English over this side of the pond! Hopefully you find there in Portugal where all the English instructions ended up. 🙂

  2. If not in English, at least pictures! I am glad things are coming together for you over there. You are missed by many here.

  3. Believe it or not, putting together the furniture was one of the easier things we’ve done here. It was a piece of cake compared to getting a washing machine. (More on that later!)

  4. Praise the LORD for all of the things you were able to purchase and can get your apartment set up and be in your own home. Praying the rest comes along. Hang in there. Praying, ~K~

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