God’s Grace During the Trip

Here’s a short list of our God Hunts from our trip to Portugal.

  • I spent at least seven hours in face-to-face time with Customer Service Representatives during our travel to Portugal.  All but one of the people I talked to were kind and helpful.  I had numerous opportunities to say encouraging things to them.
  • I had great conversations with three other passengers.  One of which talked with me about God and the evidence of His peace that we displayed.
  • We were kept safe.
  • On two occasions when I absolutely needed to get an urgent email out, individuals helped me find access to free (but unadvertised) WiFi.
  • The night before we left, I purchased extra protein bars.  They were very handy.  Plus God kept my sugar from getting too low during those times when the stress was high and I didn’t have access to food.
  • The airline paid for a hotel room the first night and gave us money for food while we waited in Newark.  We even found sufficient gluten-free food when it really mattered.
  • By getting a hotel room, we got at least one good night of rest.  (The following night we got none because we were in the back row seated in seats that don’t recline and are up against the lavatory.)
  • Jon got pulled aside by TSA for a random check which was very upsetting to him, but Mara was able to calm him down very quickly.
  • I got to pray a lot and sense God’s presence, even when “the sun went down.”
  • We were supported by the prayers of many, many people!
  • Twenty-five people watched and waited at the Lisbon airport for over two hours for us.  They met us with cheers, hugs, water, and love.
  • It was our luggage that was lost and not one of our kids.
  • A church gave us money just before we left to use for travel expenses.  It paid for everything that came up.
PS – Two more pieces of luggage came today (our miscellaneous kitchen stuff including our gluten-free stuff and Mara’s keyboard).  Five bags here and five more to come.  The girls still don’t have any of their clothes.  Andy’s winter stuff came but his summer stuff isn’t here yet:)
  1. Wow, neat God-hunts – way to find the way God is working even through such a DIFFICULT experience! We are praying for you – Tammy read an email from you guys in our Ladies Sunday School class this morning & we prayed for you – glad some more of your luggage came & praying the rest shows up soon!

  2. Our God is awesome! the K-2 Sunday School class prayed for you today. We miss you but are so blessed to partner with you in Portugal.

  3. Sounds like a mixed bag of Praises,just enough to keep the trip interesting,It’s these kinds of things that will make all the memories and give you all the great stories to tell.God is definitely looking out for you and your family.May God take Good care of the Cook family.

  4. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been praying for you and I am so glad that you are there and now I can pray for the luggage. GOD is so good. Hang in there, this is all in GOD’s hands, HE does have a sense of humor and someday you can look back and laugh and thank HIM for all of the seeming glitches. OH, so exciting for us to hear how GOD is working in, through and for you!!! Praying, ~K~

  5. Thanks for the update. We continue to pray for you and your family here as a staff. As time allows, keep us posted to the great things God continues to do.

  6. So thankful for God’s work on your behalf. Uncomfortable circumstances aren’t fun, but it is great to see God’s provision and care shine through it all. Praying for your continued adjustments and settling in to Portugal.

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