Don’t Miss the Beauty in the Midst of Chaos

A view from the kids' school


Alyssa and I had a conversation today about how our family has definitely begun to cross “The Transition Bridge.”  The newness and excitement of arriving here has worn off but we still don’t know our way around, how to do things, how to speak, etc.  Our lives are somewhat in chaos.  Yet as I prayed today, God gave me clarity of mind to stop and look around me.  He has placed us in an absolutely beautiful place.  What grace!






  1. How Beautiful is the hand of God. This picture takes my breath away and at the same time I want to take a huge gulp of air. I want to see this in person because as beautiful as the picture is I AM SURE it doesn’t match the real thing…

  2. It is absolutely beautiful!!!! We are studying Columbus and I can’t help but think that you are where he began his journey! Love the pics!!! ~K~

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