A funny thing happened…

We went to IKEA today to begin looking for furniture. The store is set up in something of a maze, so you don’t just go down aisles or “across the room” to look at something else, you have to follow the arrows on the floor through the maze. First, we chose a couch and chair for the living room/dining room then went on to choose other things we needed. When we got to the kitchen section, we decided to choose a wood color that matched the brown of the couch so our furniture in that room would not clash. Unable to determine if the wood color would match or clash, and being unable to ask a salesman, I (Mara) picked up a chair from the dining set and carried it back (about a 5 minute walk at a good pace) to where the couch was. I was happy to discover that they did match and was on my way back to the kitchen area to return the chair when someone calling my name. I turned around to discover one of our partners(Miguel) and a sales rep. Miguel informed me that the rep had been chasing me through the store calling “Lady, lady” and asked me what I was doing with the chair. I replied that I was returning it to the kitchen area after checking to see if it matched my sofa. The sales rep was relieved and then informed me that I should have asked for help/permission. Who knew that the Portuguese IKEA sales reps can all speak English? After 4 days of having every conversation translated, I never even imagined that! So, I guess the moral of this story is…if you need assistance in an IKEA store just pick up a piece of furniture and start carrying it someplace else. 🙂

  1. How funny!!!! A great memory!! May GOD bless your hunt for home furnishings and settling in to your new ministry in Portugal!! Prayers, ~K~

  2. Oh my!! I love IKEA! What a fun story! I am so glad you found some good furniture! And someone who speaks English!

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