Month: September 2011

Crush Hazard

We saw this warning sticker on a huge machine parked at the Via Verde (EZ Pass) store. They want you to know that if you get too close to this machine, [...]

Outdistanced By A Preschooler

Since moving to Cartaxo, we've been trying to discover the best way to get to school each morning. So far, we've been really successful at locating rush-hour [...]

Shopping Day

Yesterday was our day to purchase basic items for our apartment.  We took two vans and headed to IKEA.  A few hours later we headed North with both [...]

Don’t Miss the Beauty in the Midst of Chaos

  Alyssa and I had a conversation today about how our family has definitely begun to cross "The Transition Bridge."  The newness and excitement of [...]

Exciting Day

Today was our first day of language school.  My mouth hurts.  I'm learning to make sounds we don't use in English.  We also picked out a refrigerator, [...]

A funny thing happened…

We went to IKEA today to begin looking for furniture. The store is set up in something of a maze, so you don't just go down aisles or "across the room" to look [...]

God’s Grace During the Trip

Here's a short list of our God Hunts from our trip to Portugal. I spent at least seven hours in face-to-face time with Customer Service Representatives [...]

Arrived at Last

We're finally in Portugal.  God got us here in spite of two missed connections, an unplanned 26-hour layover in Newark, a flight through London, and the loss [...]