Three Steps Forward

By God’s grace, we’ve taken three steps forward.  (1) We completed a week of training at ABWE.  The kids participated in S.T.A.M.P., a program designed to help Kid Missionaries successfully navigate the transition to a new culture, maintain close relationships with God and their families, and prepare for effective service for Christ.  Mara and I took the Essential Missions Components course.  We learned how to plant churches that lead to church-planting and missions movements.  (2) We acquired the necessary paperwork for gaining medical clearance to leave for the field.  The next step is physicals followed by a host of medical tests.  (3) God granted us additional support through new partners and increases in support from current partners.  Praise the Lord – we are currently at 92% of our needed monthly support!  We are continuously humbled by the favor God has given us in the eyes of His people!

We’ve been informed that our support requirements will be going up before we leave for the field.  When the new figures are added in, we’re at 88% instead of 92%.  This has the potential to be discouraging to those who have sacrificed so much to help us get to Portugal.  The silver lining in all this is that it is happening before we get to the field rather than arriving on the field only to find ourselves immediately under-supported.  God sure is good!

Keep praying for God’s will to be done.  In order for us to go in September, we need to get to 100%.  We also need to have medical tests done, results back to the home office, and have no medical problems.

We’re looking forward to celebrating God’s leading at the Commissioning Service on August 13.


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