Hang On to Your Sneakers

Better hang on because things are happening fast now!  In the past few days, we’ve…

  • Had an awesome Commissioning Service
  • Enjoyed a special missions service at Panama Baptist
  • Picked up 2 new Prayer Partners and 4 new Financial Partners
  • Got our physicals and medical tests scheduled
  • Spoke in a church in Pittsburgh
  • Spent time with friends
  • Sold our van
  • Bought plane tickets

Yep, that’s right – we bought plane tickets.  Providing the remaining support comes in (we need a minimum of another $199/month) and no major issues show up on our medical tests, we are scheduled to depart from Buffalo on September 1.

It’s obvious that many of you are praying because God is bringing everything together and keeping us together.  Thank you so much!!!

  1. that is truly awesome! It is also truly depressing…what can I say. I will miss all of you, but rejoicing that the Lord is working in such mighty ways.

    Just what I have been praying for. Isn’t GOD good??????? YES, HE IS!!!!! Now I will keep praying for all of the last minute details and to sell your home!!!!! Keep on truckin’!!!!! I’ll keep on prayin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~K~

  3. Wow- I have tears in my eyes- God is working in amazing ways!! I was just reading a missionary friend’s prayer letter who is with ABWE & something she was mentioning made me think of you, and I took a minute to pray for you & the next thing I saw was this update on Facebook! I’m so excited for you & will keep praying! 🙂

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