Good News

In the last two days, we…

  • Had a great time presenting our story and the Word at Ellery Baptist Church
  • Picked up six more PRAYER PARTNERS
  • Applied for a replacement Social Security Card
  • Got our International Driver’s Permits
  • Renewed Mara’s Driver’s License
  • Worked out some banking details
  • Received additional support (I’ve asked the Home Office to officially review our account and verify how close we are.  We’re extremely close to having the bare minimum and asking God to send us to the field fully supported!)
  • Met with the realtor and put our house on the market
  • Sorted and packed a bunch of stuff
  • Hung out with a couple students from youth group
  • Got to talk to a man about heaven
  • Gave in to exhaustion and took a short nap

Keep praying.  God is bringing everything together and holding us together!


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  1. Wonderful! So happy to hear the news – I’ve been praying for God’s provision, but also for His leading in all the details – and I’m glad you got a nap, too!!! 🙂

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