No Alligators Allowed

This year at camp we learned about our “ponds” and how just like some ponds have alligators in them, often our ponds will have sin.  It is this sin that causes us to become trapped and bitten.  The speaker, Pastor Longwell, told us a story about a lady who lived in a swamp.  She had an alligator in her pond and got used to having it be there.  One day the alligator bit her and she lost her hand. Just like alligators are dangerous, so is sin.  All too often we get used to sin being in our lives and then we get bit.  Pastor Longwell challenged us to “clean out our ponds.”  By this he meant that all those things that keep us from living for Christ.  It could be anything from drinking to immoral thoughts to just getting mad.  I challenge you to join me in “cleaning out our ponds.”


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  1. Wow, what a great analogy – thanks for sharing! I heard a couple staffers & campers referring to ‘cleaning out their ponds’ but didn’t get it! 🙂 Great challenge for each of us!!

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