Deliverance is Grand Except…

“Deliverance is grand except for one thing: It isn’t deliverance unless it’s the eleventh hour.  There first has to be some kind of danger for there to be deliverance.  Such drama is fun to watch in movies and great to hear in other people’s stories, but we would prefer not to experience it in our own lives.”

These words by Ed Welch resonated with me as I read them.  Our family has entered what appears to be the eleventh hour.  We’ve already passed the deadline for getting our visas before leaving for Portugal.  Only weeks remain for God to provide the remainder of our support if we are to be in Lisbon in time to enroll our kids in school this fall.  This is not the way I planned this all out in my mind.  I would have preferred miracles in a “more timely fashion.”  But if my desires were granted, I would have robbed God of glory and myself of valuable growth.  Even now, I wonder if I have the mind of Christ.  Sometimes God chooses to provide post-eleventh hour deliverances.   Is this one of those times?

Later in the same chapter, Ed Welch writes, “So we don’t reset our watches.  We throw them away and then wait.”  We are waiting upon the Living Lord!


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