Month: July 2011

It’s Raining

We've been preparing our fields for rain by praying, visiting churches, taking steps of faith, planning a commissioning service and so on.  You've been [...]

Another Milestone

We just hit the 80% mark for monthly support!  We're still praying and preparing our fields for [...]

Good News

God continues to provide.  He laid it on the heart of another individual and another church to partner with us financially.  That brings us to 76% of our [...]

No Alligators Allowed

This year at camp we learned about our "ponds" and how just like some ponds have alligators in them, often our ponds will have sin.  It is this sin that [...]

Deliverance is Grand Except…

"Deliverance is grand except for one thing: It isn't deliverance unless it's the eleventh hour.  There first has to be some kind of danger for there to be [...]