Month: June 2011

Good News

God granted us two more Prayer Partners and two more Financial Partners this weekend.  That brings us to 150 Prayer Partners and 70% of our Monthly [...]

Door Opened

In this chapter of Our Portugal Story, I'm excited to report that God has opened an amazing door for us.  Click on the link below to read the [...]

Looking Back at Impact

Several weeks ago I spoke at Impact and I challenged our students to take a step of faith.  Two weeks after that we had friend week at Impact.  We had a [...]


Lately for my devotions I have been reading a book on how to become the right person.  One of the first steps is to spend time with God and get to know him [...]

In Answer to My Struggle

My whole Christian life I have struggled with a dilemma: I cannot wholly conquer my sin; I cannot even go a day without sinning; therefore; what right do I [...]

Dunk a Deacon

The kids at our home church have been praying all year for us to get to Portugal.  Every time they said their memory verse they got to to put a marble in the [...]

No News

Regular readers of this blog have become accustomed to my short posts with the simple title, "Good News."  They contain a sentence or two summary of how many [...]

Magic Carpet Ride

Here is a quick video from our Impact Student Bible Study group.  They've been working all year to create an environment where people really feel like they [...]