Mara Had a Cow on Easter

Our friends are raising a cow to sell as a means of generating funds for missions.  When we first heard about the concept a year and a half ago, Mara said, “That is so awesome.  I want a cow.”  What she meant of course is that she wanted someone to raise one our behalf.  This past year, that desire became reality.  Yesterday, that cow had a calf.  Now Mara has TWO cows.

It’s so encouraging to see people use what they have to support the spread the of the Gospel.  We want to thank you all.  Those who use your time to pray for us.  Those who use skills to earn a paycheck and support us.  The individual who built and maintains this blog.  The young man who designed our prayer cards.  The individuals who use their influence to make it possible for us to share our story in their church.  The friend who folds and sends our prayer lettters.  The friend who made us a quilt.  The many who stock missionary cupboards.  The ones who’ve given us perspective and wise counsel.  Thank you again for using what you have to care for us and change the world!

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