I Don’t Have a Clue

This week has been a time of confusion and pressure and I feel like I don’t have a clue of how to raise the rest of our support, when we should plan to go, or what to say to our Prayer Partners.

I think a sermon by Dr. Jim Lytle gives an accurate perspective on my situation.  He titled it God Has a Plan When We Don’t Have a Clue.  He used Exodus 14, the story of Israel’s panic before they crossed the Red Sea, as his text.  The basic outline is as follows.

God positions us

  • Through His Word
  • For His purposes (That people may know He is God and that people may know Him)

The Word of God led us to the mess we’re in for His purposes!

God teaches us

  • By exposing our fears
  • By showing us who He is
  • By meeting our needs  (We should ask God how He wants to solve this for His glory)

God develops us

  • Fear of man or circumstances becomes fear of God
  • Trust in our capabilities becomes trust in God’s purposes

Dr. Lytle ended his message by saying, “What if the God of the Bible wanted to show that He is great and He decided to use us?  It would just about kill us but it would be OK.”  That’s my dream and passion.  I want people to see the God of the Bible for who He really is.  I want to be engaged in something He considers to be strategic.  In light of those desires, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that He positioned our family in a mess where he can teach us, develop us, and accomplish His purposes.

  1. Andy,
    I know that whatever God has planned for you and your family will be amazing … Sometimes when we don’t know how God will accomplish something in our lives we just have to rely on scripture and it’s promises. God tells us to be still and know that he is God – I know that sometimes it is hard to do (from experience) but you and your family have given this over to Him and He will work everything out in His timing.
    Maybe the solution for you raising the rest of your support is like it was for the Israelites … they didn’t have a clue because they couldn’t have imagined the miraculous way God provided for them to escape! Maybe God’s plan to work this out for you is more than the human mind can comprehend! But God Can!!
    In Christ,

  2. Andy and Mara, I agree with Dorothy and Judy. GOD brings us to the point where we can’t figure it out so that HE gets the glory. I know that HE is working out HIS perfect will in your lives and I can hardly wait to see what HE is going to do. Just hand it back over to HIM and wait. The waiting room is the hardest room to be in, but it can be the most rewarding. We are not creatures of patience, GOD knows that and HE wants us to be. Our timetable is not GOD’s timetable. This is where the rubber meets the road. Are we willing to believe GOD is who HE says He is? Are we willing to believe this calling that we are called to is GOD’s calling? I have seen your heart in your presentation.Just hang in there and put it all in GOD’s hands and tell HIM that you don’t know how or when, but HE does and then trust HIM. And we are here trusting and praying with you. ~K~

  3. After reading your email & praying about how to encourage you, I sat down to rest as the kids were sleeping & God was bringing to my mind all the ways He has provided for our family during the last few years – and I know that He is doing the same for you & will continue to do that. Even though you don’t know where to turn next, He does, and so many of us are praying for you. Thank you for sharing your feelings, as I’m sure this time must be very confusing & frustrating & discouraging for your family.

  4. Awesome idea – reflect back on how God has provided for you. I keep a journal. I call it, “Prefield Miracle Log.” I took your suggestion and reflected on the entries in it. It was awesome. Henry Blackaby once wrote, “It’s impossible to stand in the presence of God and be a pessimist.” Reflecting on God’s provision made me keenly aware of God’s presence and made pessimism impossible. Thanks again.

  5. Dorothy, Judy, & Kathy,
    You guys have hit the essence of this post right on the head. Mara and I have attempted to be very real as we present not only our call to missions, but also our walk through Pre-field ministry. As you have so clearly stated, while we walk blind-folded, we still walk confidently because we trust the purposes and character of God. This happens to be one of those times when we’re walking blind-folded. But, by the grace of God, we’re still walking!

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