“How Much Further to the Immunity Berry*?”

Right now,  the account of Moses’ asking Pharaoh to let the Israelites go has become precious to me. You see, while Moses had been tasked by God to do this, and God had promised him the resources he needed to accomplish the task; Moses was still unaware of God’s timetable as to when they would actually leave. That’s where I find myself. God has asked us to switch assignments and work with Him in Portugal, so, we know we have to complete our pre-field assignments and find all of our partners, and God has promised to meet our needs; but He still has not given us a timetable as to when we will actually leave. I know that, like Moses, we need to keep doing what we know to do and keep going to God for step by step direction and help.  However, emotionally, I struggle wondering how long we’ll be in limbo as we wait for God to come through for us and struggling with how our journey affects everyone who is watching.  And when I feel overwhelmed and drained, I am so thankful that God has given us people who have come along-side of us to help us and uphold us like Aaron did for Moses. To the many of you who fit this description – thank you – you have been a blessing without measure.

(* a line from Barbie Mermaidia where characters get stuck in the Carousel of Confusion and keep going in circles instead of continuing on to their destination)

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