Month: February 2011

Just Try to Keep Up

A couple times in the OT, God told the Israelites he was going to provide for them in an amazing way.  On one such occasion, he said "Test me in this and see [...]

Good News

Since our Prayer Letter of last week, God has given us more Prayer Partners and more Financial Partners.  We're up to 119 and 46%. Thank you to all of you [...]

“How Much Further to the Immunity Berry*?”

Right now,  the account of Moses' asking Pharaoh to let the Israelites go has become precious to me. You see, while Moses had been tasked by God to do this, [...]

Door Closed

Here is the link to Our Portugal Story, Chapter 9 - Door Closed. ourPortugalStory - chp 09 - 2011 Feb You'll need Adobe Reader in order to open it.  If [...]

How to Make God & Mara Upset

Two words - Break faith.  That will do it every time. Malachi reveals God's deep displeasure with husbands who forget that their wife is their partner and [...]

Good News

In recent days God has granted us EIGHT more Prayer Partners.  That brings us up to 112.  However, if you ever see our graph it say that we have 99% of our [...]