My Life and All My Ways are in His Hand

But you did not honor the God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways.  Daniel 5:23b

The God of the Bible is the Most High God.  As such he is sovereign over everything.  He holds my life in his hand.  He can end it at any time and without warning.  He holds all my ways in his hand.  As both Job and Jeremiah put it, “It is not for man to direct his steps.”  A realization of who God is leads me to a more accurate self-assessment.  I am mere man.  Who am I to wrestle with God over his choices for my life?  Who am I to fail to honor this God?  What am I thinking when I attribute my successes, gifts, and experience to “lesser gods?”

The flip-side of this is the comforting realization that God holds my life and all my ways in his hand.  I am not solely responsible for my life.  He gives me breathe.  He gives me direction.  He is responsible not only for the big picture, but for all the little details as well.

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