Month: January 2011

Get A Grip!

It’s been one of those days…you know, the ones where you think to yourself, “I wish I hadn’t even thought of getting out bed.” You finally make it to [...]

Pumping Iron

Dear reader the New Year is here and people are trying new things. I have never tried anything new at the New Year my whole life until this year when I told my [...]

God, Impact, and Pants Pockets

How God works is just amazing to me.  In one week four percent of our support came in.  Do I hear an amen?  It amazes me how much can happen through the [...]

Becca’s Blog

It’s a new year now and it’s time to start a new and better plan. I’ve been thinking about our family a lot and how I can get angry easily. Mostly at [...]

Good News

God gave us another Financial Partner late last week and another one this morning.  That brings our support to 40% PLUS, God granted us 8 more Prayer [...]

Good News

God gave us two more Financial Partners [...]

My Life and All My Ways are in His Hand

But you did not honor the God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways.  Daniel 5:23b The God of the Bible is the Most High God.  As such he is [...]

Good News

We have another Prayer Partner!  That brings us to 96. We have a new Financial Partner!  We're up to 36% We received several special gifts.  Our [...]