The Crazy God of Christmas

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas.  I’ve watched a couple interesting videos about Christmas history.  But then I considered a more basic question, “Why do we even have Christmas?”  I know the answer, “We’re celebrating the birth of Jesus.”  But why did He even come?  Matthew 1:21 explains that Jesus came to save us from our sins.  And when did that restoration plan begin?  Genesis 3:15 records the first promise of God’s redemptive intervention.  God announced it moments after we proved that we didn’t trust God.  Before Adam and Eve repented or even said they were sorry, God began to restore our relationship.  Christmas is, among other things, a celebration of God sending His Son to fulfill the promise of Genesis 3:15.

That’s crazy.  That is so unlike me.  I never would have done that.  This kind of God, the kind that makes promises of restoration to very unworthy people and then keeps those promises at tremendous personal cost, is worth celebrating!  That’s the crazy God of Christmas.

  1. Amazing reminder – God is so different than me – to forgive us and begin a plan that involved His Son being killed for me before I had even cared about Him…amazing.

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