The Crazy God of Christmas (part 2)

In Sun Stand Still, Steven Furtick tells of Michael, a man of audacious faith ministering in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.  Michael’s church not only spread the Gospel, but also invested heavily in practical improvements for the children of their neighborhood by providing toilets, a school, and someday a doctor’s office.  During Steven’s visit with Michael, Michael said, “I’m used to facing a lot of opposition.  A lot of people do not want me here.  Especially the witch doctor who tried to destroy our church by threatening our members.  But when we prayed for God to make fire fall down from heaven, and his house burned down that same week, he left us alone.”

I love stories of the power of God!  Christmas is no such story.  Luke 2 tells us that Jesus was born.  That’s crazy.  God comes as a baby?  Babies are cute…and helpless.  How can this be – the most powerful being comes as a dependent child?  If I was God, I wouldn’t have done it this way.  I would arrived on the scene in a way designed to “shock and awe.”  My enemies would have cowered while my friends applauded.

But God didn’t come to “shock and awe” me into submission.  According to Philippians 2:6-8, He came to serve and sacrifice in order to bring me into a relationship.  Wow!  That kind of God is worth celebrating.  That’s the crazy God of Christmas.

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