Smile Rewards

Spiritual gifts, I love them.  Over the last week and a half it has been my goal to help other people.  Last Thursday and Friday my friend Josh and I went and helped our head librarian set up for a special reading program.  After the program was done we helped put the library back together.  On Sunday I helped in toddler church and set up for Kidzone.  Tuesday I was on my way out of the library when I saw an older woman going to the library so I held the door for her.  Helping people not only makes them happy but it makes me happy too.  This is my challenge to you- go out and use your spiritual gifts to make this world a better place.  The smiles on people’s faces are the greatest reward.

Note from Andy – Alyssa wrote this a week ago and I failed to post it.  This past week, Alyssa has been quite sick.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Right now, she’s using Kleenexs and antibiotics instead of her spiritual gifts.

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  1. Aw, poor Alyssa, I hope you’re feeling better by now! It is always such a blessing to help others – and I’m glad you’re taking advantage of that ability now, because sometimes I feel like now that I have two kids with me most of the time, I’m not able to be as helpful as I was when I was younger! 🙂

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