How to Author a Depressing Book

I spent three days this week reading and re-reading Lamentations.  It’s a rather depressing book.  It contains the sorrow-filled thoughts and emotions of a survivor of Nebuchadnezzar’s Jerusalem siege.  This poor soul remembers vividly the good old days when his nation prospered and God smiled upon him.  Since then, he has seen every deprivation and means of death imaginable.  All he once held dear is lost.  He is alone with his pain.

Even though I found a number of great spiritual nuggets in the book, my prayer was that God would help me walk away with the big picture and an appropriate application for my life.  Here it is – when it comes to sin, I’ll either repent or lament.  Either I will see my sin for what it is, confess it to God, and engage my whole being in changing my beliefs and behavior OR I will keep going the way I was going until God fulfills his promise to let me “reap what I sow.”  When the consequences come, I’ll lament my pain, my losses, and my regrets.  Then I too, can author a depressing book of laments.

It’s either repent or lament.

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