Nobody Came

We recently hosted an open house for 20+ of our neighbors.  While planning the event, my prayer was that God would use the event to allow me to experience his heart for people.  The day of the event, I continued to pray while we bought the food, cleaned the house, and made the goodies.  Nobody came to our open house.  A few called and offered very good reasons for their inability to attend.  Some were very grateful for our invitation and apologetic.  But in the end, nobody came.

While talking to God about the whole thing, God let me know that he had answered my prayer.  I was privileged to experience the heart of God.  I was feeling what God feels.  God invited the entire world into a relationship with him and NOBODY CAME!  It reminds me of the parable Jesus told about wedding feast.  Invitations were sent.  The food was prepared.  The banquet was set.  But nobody came.  So the master sent out his servants to compel others to come.

I am grateful for this opportunity to feel God’s heart.  I should also tell you that the night ended with worship as I thanked God for “compelling” me to come to him.  Without this special grace, I would would have been part of the crowd that didn’t come.

  1. Carrie,
    Thanks for your comment. By God’s grace, we’ve just started a new approach for putting loves on some of our neighbors in the name of Christ:)

  2. Andy, I’m just now reading some of your families posts and have enjoyed it, especailly this one. Thanks for this reminder! I sometimes get discouraged when we see very little fruit for our labors but that’s not what it’s about, is it? I look forward to meeting you and Mara this week! Boa viagem!

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